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Using the exercise files

1. Getting Set Up with Logic Pro 9
Installing the software
Launching Logic for the first time, using the templates
Understanding audio interfaces
Understanding MIDI interfaces

2. Getting Your Workflow in Order
Getting to know the Arrange window
Using the many windows of Logic
Creating your own screensets
Using the Transport window and controlling playback
Using the Toolbox
Naming tracks and regions
Learning useful and custom key commands
Saving and going mobile with your project

3. Recording Live Music and Getting Stuff into the Box
Setting up for recording
Understanding Metronome settings or the click track
Understanding tempo
Recording live instruments and vocals using multitrack recording
Playing with guitar madness: Amp design
Playing with guitar madness: Pedal board
Working with takes recording and comping
Punching in to replace bad audio
Using Varispeed to create an old tape machine sound

4. MIDI and Virtual Instruments
Understanding MIDI
Using the Logic synth instruments
Working with the emulator instruments
Using the EXS24 sampler
Building tracks with Ultrabeat
Using channel strips to select a virtual sound
Understanding the basics of MIDI recording
Learning how to use MIDI with Cycle Record
Using Logic's step input
Mastering quantization
Working in the Piano Scroll window
Editing controller messages with Hyper View
Working with the Hyper Editor
Working with the Events List

5. Samples, Loops, and Conforming Tempo and Pitch
Importing prerecorded audio into Logic
Exploring Apple Loops
Creating your own Apple Loop
Conforming tempo, region to session, or session to region
Using the new Flex Time feature
Beat mapping your project
Importing elements from project to project

6. Editing and Arranging
Understanding the basic editing techniques in the Arrange window
Tips for editing and arranging
Editing and merging regions in the Arrange window
Mastering fades for audio region arranging
Fixing and morphing sound with the Sample Editor

7. Working with Notation
Working with notes and composing in the Score Editor
Editing notes, keys, and time signatures
Creating scores and lead sheets for musicians

8. Working with Picture
Setting up for a sync video project
Scoring music to video

9. Mixing
Mixing philosophies and five tools for mixing
Setting up for a mix
Directing audio traffic with fader levels
Exploring Logic's panning features
Exploring inserts: Using EQ as a mix tool
Exploring inserts: Using compression as a mix tool
Using advanced signal flow with aux and send tracks
Using advanced signal flow with time-based FX to create space in your mix
Using automation to create dynamic mixes
Giving your mix life with automation
Optimizing performance with freeze tracks
Using channel strips for audio processing

10. Working in Surround
Understanding surround hardware requirements
Building surround mixing workflows
Using the surround panner

11. Finishing Up
Bouncing down your song
Understanding why alt mixes are a good idea
Exploring Logic's export options
Mastering your own Logic project


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